• NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set
  • NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set
  • NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set
  • NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set
  • NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set
  • NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set
  • NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set

NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set



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This NEEWER NW-800 Microphone Set includes:
(1) NW-800 Black Microphone + (1) Shock Mount + (1) Power Cable + (1) Anti-wind Foam Cap + (1) 48V Phantom Power + (1) Adapter + (1) XLR Audio Cable


NW-800 Black Microphone adopts the exacting complete electronic circuit control. Capture rich, full-bodied sound from sources that are directly in front of the mic.

Shock Mount can effectively reduce handling noise.

48V Phantom Power for condenser microphones and transfer sound signal to sound card in a compact, durable, plastic housing.

XLR Audio Cable: Universal XLR input and output, compatible with all kinds of microphone music recording equipment. Comes with one XLR audio cable with high-quality XLR male and female connectors.



(1) Black professional condenser microphone:

The bass reduction switch (-10db) reduces room noise and handles non-linearity audio input.

Use the precision electronic circuit to eliminate crossover distortion and harmonic distortion.

The good output of cardioid uptake and high sensitivity. Low noise level. Wide dynamic range.

Fashion design. Noble and elegant appearance. Tough and durable.

Bodyweight: 11oz / 316g

Black color

Material: Metal


(2) Anti-wind foam ball-type cap:

Reduce the occurrence of wind, breathing sounds, and popping noises.

Keep your microphone clean and help prolong your life.

(3) Microphone shock mount:

Isolate most studio condenser microphones from physical vibration, floor, and stand the noise.


(4) Power cable:

Length: Approx. 8.2 feet / 2.5m

(1) 48v Phantom power + (1) Adapter

High-quality components and rugged construction will ensure this power supply withstand up to the test and perform at all times.

On / off switch and led indicator for ease of operation. An adapter is included. <P> simple to use and ideal for stage and studio use.

Input voltage: 110v

Material: Plastic Case

Power supply size: 3.9 "x 3.5" x 1.6 "/ 10 x 8.8 x 4.1 cm


(5) Xlr audio cable:

Xlr Audio cable: universal Xlr input and output, compatible with all types of microphone music recording equipment


Package Contents:

1 x Black Microphone

1 x Shock Mount

1 x Power Cable

1 x Windproof foam plug

1 x 48v phantom power

1 x Adapter

1 x Xlr audio cable

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